DIY: Clean Your Condemned Grout

I hope to God some of you are laughing at the title, because I know I always find it hilarious when my insecurities are shared by others. No? Well then why would you even bother reading this?! You can see yourself OUT.

Sorry, I’m clearly still very insecure about what my bathroom’s grout looks like…what it USED to look like, at least! It is squeaky clean now, and I can credit Pinterest for that one, just like I can for everything else. I can admit that Pinterest is holier than thou.

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Unclog your drain with just baking soda and vinegar

My bathroom sink had been clogged for quite an embarrassing amount of time before I decided it was time to put an end to it’s antics. I shouldn’t have been TOO

mad at it, however; was the one shedding the extra, thick long hair. And letting it fall down the drain? How does that even happen? I don’t wash my hair in the sink.

But anyways, I had done a bit of research and found that my go-to, Drano, can destroy your pipes if you use it too much…well, I need to use it more than once a year! Is that normal? I had no idea, but I naturally dashed to the interwebs and found a cool little home-remedy using just baking soda, vinegar and boiling water. It’s non-invasive too! With that said, I plan on using this process more than once within a 12-month time frame.


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