DIY: Clean Your Condemned Grout

I hope to God some of you are laughing at the title, because I know I always find it hilarious when my insecurities are shared by others. No? Well then why would you even bother reading this?! You can see yourself OUT.

Sorry, I’m clearly still very insecure about what my bathroom’s grout looks like…what it USED to look like, at least! It is squeaky clean now, and I can credit Pinterest for that one, just like I can for everything else. I can admit that Pinterest is holier than thou.

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DIY Blackhead and Acne Crimestopping

As I mentioned in What I’m Cooking Up…blackheads and pimples are a terrible, terrible thing. Blackheads still taunt me more than pimples though, because if you DON’T squeeze them out, my understanding is that they stay in your face forever. I mean, I know that they don’t stay there forever and ever…but do you remember YOUR blackheads deciding to just walk out of your face shortly after showing up? Nuh-uh, NO WAY. I can deal with temporary pimples—mounds, even—because I know that if I fight the urge and don’t squeeze, they’ll eventually leave. I can come to terms with pimples. Blackheads? Not so much.

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Scouring stick magic; rid your toilet of hard water stains

It used to not matter that I scrubbed my toilet until my hands cramped–I could NOT get rid of that ring! If you have hard water in your residence, you may know what I’m talking about. Surely, you didn’t think that the toilet ring came from negligence or stubborn buildup?

Wait, stop! BEFORE you call a maid or professional to clean that ridiculously heinous-looking ring and associated marks from your toilet (or bathroom, in general), read on. You have just stumbled upon your quick-fix solution. If it doesn’t work, then I question the nature of your toilet’s ring…*shudders*

Because more than 85% of American homes have hard water, it is more thank likely that your ring is from hard water. My toilet suffers from the same fate, because my household depends on well water–the water with the egg-like smell, blegh. Given the nature of my house’s water source, our toilets needed a fast solution.

So now, I give you the Scouring Stick. 

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