About me–and the blog

Hello! I’m not sure I’ve met you before? No? Well then, let me take this opportunity to formally introduce myself: My name is Laura Pavin; I have been a college graduate since 2010, and have held a few job titles since—two of them irrelevant to my degree and life’s purpose. Now that I am finally beginning to live my dream as a freelance writer (with major personal budget cuts, of course), I’m not sure how I ever mustered up the motivation to grind it out at the other jobs in the first place.

Freelancing from home on a self-made schedule has so far allowed me the time to learn things college never taught me, like how to get rid of hard water stains (sad, but true) and how to mercilessly pinch a penny. Since I am inquisitive by nature, I now enjoy spending my free time learning how make life easier and cheaper. The only problem is that I have no venue to excitedly display my new knowledge. Oh wait…I have you!

Want to learn how to cut your own hair? I can show you—just make sure you have a simple cut…I’m not ready to teach layers yet. Or ever. Not sure how to rid your white carpet of cranberry juice stains? I’ve got a few tricks for that doozy. Want me to research something for you that I haven’t covered? Email me at laurapavin@ymail.com. I’ll be up for the challenge.

Let the fun begin!

Oh, and I’ll intersperse rants and musings about life here and there. This IS a blog, afterall.


More about me and my day job…

I am a quick-response news and feature writer with a keen eye for human interest happenings and municipal legislature among Chicago’s northern suburbs. My writing is published weekly under Chicago Sun-Times publications including the Lake Zurich Courier, the Barrington Courier Review and the Vernon Hills Review.

The bulk of my articles can be found in the publications listed below.

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