Save $$ with DIY Self-Tan Lotion…Update

As I was reading through the comments on my DIY self-tanning post, I realized that I could have been more descriptive in a few different areas. Hopefully this helps shed some light on the finer details of the DIY tea-tan process!
Here are some questions you might be asking yourself, along with my answers:
Q: Uh-oh, some people are saying that one cup works better than two…should I do that instead?

photo (5)

A: You could, but you have to be more conservative when you apply the tea water–there will won’t be very much leftover for the second coat.  If you’re really concerned that the water is diluting the water color, throw in a few extra tea bags.  However, my water looked like this with two cups and just four (iced) tea bags…I liked the way the iced tea bags worked, too.
Q: What would be the best way to exfoliate prior to rubbing on the black tea water?


A: You could use some kind of sugar scrub like THIS, or you could use a rough scrubber like this (Korean Italy Towel…which I’m obsessed with):
Q: Why doesn’t this look like a Mystic Tan?!
A: This is something I should have clarified right out of the gate–you will be very disappointed if you’re expecting a tan like that. The DIY black tea tan gives you more of a glow, which might mean more to me because I live in the midwest, where getting ANY sort of color in the winter is great. These were my results:
Before                                                  After 
Q: What about this bathtub tea soak idea? Will it stain my tub?
A: If you don’t know what I’m talking about, people in the comments section of my original post suggested filling a bathtub with hot water, adding 6-8 tea bags for 10 minutes and sitting in the tub for 10 more minutes, while exfoliating.
I think it sounds like an awesome idea that I’d like to test out for myself–if you’re reading this and you’ve tried this out already, I’d love for you to share your experience with us in the comments! Did it stain your tub? Common sense tells me it did. When I do try this out, I plan to use Softscrub bathroom cleaner when I’m done soaking, because it has bleach in it…

6 thoughts on “Save $$ with DIY Self-Tan Lotion…Update

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  2. I have tried a teabag soak for detoxing not for a tan and it did stain my tub…I use the vinegar heated for 90 sec. and the add one to one with dawn as a cleaner for my tubs…spray it on and let it sit for an hour and then just wipe off, with little to no scrubbing..they sparkle..

  3. I used to tan regularly in the summer but now that my daughter is becoming a teenager (and she’s as fair and freckley as I am) I need to set a good, safe example for her when it comes to tanning. I did this tea tan tonight and it really does work! It takes a while and several applications to get results but you WILL get results if you’re patient and determined. I put on latex gloves to keep from staining my hands and stood in front of a fan the entire application time. I could spray and rub in and all the while, the fan was drying me almost instantly. You should definitely keep rubbing it in, constantly, while you’re spraying (or you can get streaky from the drips). It made a real difference in my color. I bet I put on about 10 applications, without stopping, in front of a fan and had a wonderful, tan glow in about 30 mins. This was just my legs, I will admit. Need to get my daughter involved next time so it can be an “all over” tan. I bought a 24 pk of family sized tea bags at Walmart for $1.00…can’t beat that!

  4. I’m so sad! I tried the the tub soak 3 days ago and the only thing it did was dry out my hair and skin and leave a ring around my tub… (Which, btw, I cleaned with baby wipes!) This is exactly how I tried the tub soak:

    1) Filled tub with the hottest water– Turned the knob ALL the way on hot

    2) While water was running I threw in (and don’t laugh!) 18 “family-sized” black tea bags! I let the bags seep for about 20 min before getting in. The water was a VERY VERY dark brown– darker than Pepsi.

    3) I slowly got in the tub as the water was still quite hot but not scorching. Using exfoliating gloves, I scrubbed all over then waited… I soaked in there for 50 min…. I stayed in so long because after checking every 10 min there was no change.

    4) I got out and dabbed myself dry using paper towels (didn’t want to stain my towels.)

    5) I applied a light moisturizer all over because my skin felt dry afterwards.

    Did I do something wrong? I have actinic keratosis so I can’t go out and sun bathe and I cannot stand the smell of self-tanners so this was suppose to be my “woo hoo!!!” Instead it became my “boo hoo!” 😦

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