DIY: Shaving Cream

Of course I found out about it on Pinterest.

I actually debated doing this one because my feelings have always been back and forth about shaving cream and its overall purpose. Sometimes I believe it helps me better navigate my way around my legs with my razor, and that it makes my limbs that much smoother; other times I picture Skintimate executives buying rounds of Tequila poppers at the swim-up bar in Acapulco with my hard-earned cash and I can’t make the purchase. Stop looking at me like that.

The original post I saw was great, but I had to cut the measurements in half because it called for more shampoo and conditioner than my hair was willing to sacrifice. Hell, I’d be better off just buying shaving cream at that point.

IMG_3935What you’ll need:

~ 1/2 cup shampoo

~ 1/2 cup conditioner (one that you can imagine smelling good when combined with the shampoo…if you can imagine that)

~ 2.5 tbsp lotion (again, think about how this might smell with the shampoo and conditioner scent combo)

~ 2.5 tbsp baby oil or mineral oil (I had neither, so I used “body gloss” because it has the same effect on me as the baby oil does)

~ 1 (pretty) bottle to store the mixture in when you are finished

Let’s do it:

~ Mix in the conditioner, shampoo, baby/mineral oil and lotion. Let that mixture sit for an hour.




~ Pour into sleek bottle.

photo (2)

~ When you go to actually shave your legs, I’d recommend slathering it on your legs and leaving it on for 3 minutes prior so that your legs can reach maximum levels of smooth. I read you’re supposed to do that regardless–the more you know!

~ Enjoy yo’ gams

smooth legs

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