Shop At Savers, And You’ll Look Worth More Than You’ve Spent

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My mom and I made a pact to not tell anyone else about our favorite new secret, because A. it’s always nice to lead people to believe that you own nothing but nice things, and B. telling others about it might mean that the “good stuff” gets picked over.

And just because my mom is in on this, does NOT mean it’s lame. I’ve always thought my mom’s sense of fashion was better than mine. *sighhh*


But let’s leave my sartorial ineptitude out of this, because it’s a thing of the past. The very recent past, unfortunately. Coming to the grueling realization that I couldn’t pull off the same “rocker chic” or “leather and leopard print” styles that all the rebellious-looking runway models wore was a sad, sad day for me. Fortunately, I’m more realistic with myself now, and I’m all about quality over quantity of classic-yet-fashionable pieces.

So now that I’ve hopefully rebuilt your confidence in my fashion sensibilities,  let me tell you about….


I’m shaking a little bit. I’m just so excited.

I don’t know how popular Savers (or for other areas, Value Village and Village des Valeurs…) is across the country and beyond, but it’s been slowly infiltrating the Chicago market for the last couple of years and one just went up in Lake Zurich, IL.

The thing that’s GREAT about Savers is the fact that girls that share my fashion sense are not there–and not picking over the best items. So I might be shooting myself in the foot for broadcasting my post towards girls like me..

However, I DO know how much the idea of previously-owned items turns girls off, so I guess I’m not too worried about an influx of girls 18 – 30 taking over.

I’m also not ignorant to the fact that not EVERYONE reads this blog, so I guess I’m not worried at all now.

Personally, I think thrift store shopping is just like borrowing a friend’s clothing–no matter how close you are with the friend, you never really know where their clothes have been. Let that thought haunt you for a while.

If you are still ready and willing to try this new type of shopping out, read on, second-hand Sandy


Found these Linea Paolo pumps in my size (Which I won’t share with you. All you need to know is that I have clown feet) for $12.99

Which I love to wear with…


This classic nude dress by Collectibles Petite Sophisticate (Okay, not really a “brand” name, per-say, but I love it!). Also $12.99.

I love pairing my scaly Paolo shoes, and nude dress with my (fake) ostrich skin purse from Aldo, my Ann Taylor pea coat (it’s actually my mom’s, but I digress), a pair of dangling Konstantino four-drop dangle earrings in topaz, and green Alexis Bittar skinny tapered bangle…and some ring I got from my grandma for my sixteenth birthday.

I’ll let you catch your breath as I queue up another gem I found at Savers.


Jessica Simpson black patent leather pumps with leopard heels. Had my eye on those for quite some time when they were on Nordstrom’s shelves. But alas, I got mine for $14.99. A classic heel with a modern twist is always a win for your wardrobe.

Want to know what else is a win?


During the same shopping trip, I also found a (presumably fake) Jimmy Choo clutch for $5.99. 

But still.

And just as I thought I was done shopping, I started hyperventilating because…



Found a pair of Sam Edelman black suede wedges in my sizeeeeeeeeee. When I saw the price tag read $24.99, I gasped and whipped them off the rack just as I saw another woman start to eye them. She was being inappropriate. The shoes and I had clearly made a connection.

Anyway, if you’d like to hop on the thrift store shopping train, Savers is great. But I guess I’m just biased because I’ve so far happened to have great experiences with them. There are plenty of other thrift stores out there to sift through. The best ones are in that area the town over that gets skipped over; however, don’t expect awesome finds EVERY time you go. It’s like TJ Maxx–catch them at a good time and you’ll come home with bagsonbagsonbags. Catch them at a bad time, and you’re mad for the rest of the day.

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