DIY: Put the Kibosh on Oily Hair With Baby Powder

If you maintain that you’ve NEVER let yourself go a couple of days without shampooing, then at least admit you’ve had oily hair as a result of too much anti-frizz serum. Thick and wavy-haired ladies, I think you know all too well what I’m talking about.

Because I am a naturally frizzy-haired lady myself, the latter situation happens quite often–weekly, if I’m being honest. And I’m all about honesty here.

For example, while I loveeeee me some Frizz-Ease, I take that love too far. I push it to a level that it’s clearly not ready for, and we have to take a long break until I can get my priorities in check. AS USUAL.

But that’s why I have baby powder to run to in the meantime, to help me patch up the mess I made. Baby powder is great because it acts as a sort of dry shampoo that absorbs excess oil or serum without leaving a trace of the powdery, dandruff-like specs that I can only assume you’re beginning to worry about. Unless you dump tablespoons of the stuff onto your scalp all at once, no one will see anything but fresh-out-the-shower hair.

BUT READ MY DIRECTIONS PRIOR TO “TESTING THE WATERS” YOURSELF. We don’t want you going to work/school/your cousin’s Bat Mitzvah with a head of hair that channels a colonial powdered wig.

Getting your hair from oily-point A to normal-point B is simple:

– Dependent upon your level of saturation, you’ll only need 1/2 or 1 teaspoon baby powder to get the job done. If you need a little more than that, no worries. I won’t tell anyone…

 I encourage you to only scrunch 1/2 teaspoon into your hair at a time. Having too little in your hair can be fixed with a little bit more. Having too much in your hair can’t be reversed, and then you’ll have to take that shower you worked so hard to avoid…defeating this entire post’s purpose!

– Massage that amount into your hair near the roots, and then brush your fingers outwards to distribute the rest. 

Slowly, but surely, massaging the baby powder into my scalp

The finished product looks much better:

Baby powder is remedial pixie dust as far as I’m concerned. Check out this list I found on Pinterest to see for yourself.


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