Ditch the Salon — Get Your Own Feet Summer Ready

And, yes, I’m talking about that terrible dry skin on the bottom of your feet. The kind of dry skin you’ve seen on your older aunts during the summer that had you vowing to never let yourself go like that. Forgot about that vow, didn’t you? And now you’ve disappointed your past self by turning into what you’ve always feared. You’re one of THEM now, and I hope you’re proud of yourself.

I like to start these things out by knocking down the reader so they can later realize that there really is a solution to the problem they didn’t realize they had, so perk up! This is one of those times.

**TIP–It’s probably best to do this before you go to bed because you’ll want to be wearing socks for an extended period of time. If you’re the type of person that hates wearing socks to bed no matter what the situation, like me, then stick it out! Or just put up with the sock-wearing during the day**

What you’ll need:

~1 cup Epsom salt

~Warm water to put your feet in (not hot or anything that will scald you)

~Tooth brush you no longer care about…and promise to never use on your teeth again

~Emery board (essentially a non-metal nail file…)

We both know you have a million, so pick one

~Vitamin E oil OR some good old-fashioned therapeutic lotion (like Eucerin or Lubriderm)


Now let’s dig out your real feet:

~Step One: Fill up a bath or bucket with warm water to soak your feet in, and then pour in the cup of Epsom salt.

~Step Two: Soak your feet in the salty water for about 30 minutes.

~Step Three: Take the toothbrush and remove the excess dead skin from your feet. It should be easy to remove and shouldn’t take long at all. Done? Good. Pat them dry with a towel and back away from the disgusting toothbrush.

~Step Four: Take your Emery stick and go back and forth around the areas of your feet with the most dead skin to remove even more than the toothbrush did. I’m thinking your heels, in particular, need the most work. Mine sure did.

~Step Five: Smooth the oil or lotion onto your feet. Mmmm yes.

~Step Six: Socks on! And go to bed, or wear them for over an hour at least during the day. You’ll want this to sink in and make your feet look less like the archaic mess they are today.

Repeat this process for about five days and you’ll have your childish feet back in no time.

 Thanks for the tips, ehow!

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