5 Timeline Privacy Precautions to Take NOW

You may have sufficiently privatized your pre-Timeline Facebook profile, but you’d be surprised at how much has changed since the overhaul. The level of privacy you choose for your Timeline is up to you, but taking a second look at what people can now see and adjusting your settings accordingly is a smart way to safeguard your information.

Here are five easy safety steps you may find worthwhile:

  1. Limit Past Posts

Because the new Facebook has the ability to act like a personal life-record, you may want to tweak your settings to limit who can see posts you’ve made in the past. To do this, first click on “privacy settings” from the dropdown arrow in the upper right-hand corner of the site’s screen. You will be brought to a page that allows you to select a default privacy from a list of three settings: “Friends” is the best choice if you don’t want your Timeline to be extremely limiting.

You will now see that you can manage past post visibility by selecting the second-to-last setting, for which you will then choose to limit your old posts from the pop-up box.

2. Edit Manually

While Facebook will warn you that changing the accessibility of your prior posts cannot be undone, you can go back and manually change each post’s visibility later. If you don’t want friends or certain people seeing a particular post on your Timeline, click the pencil on the upper right-hand corner and either hide or delete it. Hiding it will give only you the ability to see it, while deleting it will remove it completely.

3. Enable Tag and Timeline Review

Sometimes limiting your Timeline to friends isn’t enough, since you may have accepted some friend requests from co-workers and the like. The new privacy settings enable you to approve or deny tagged posts before they hit your Timeline—and your co-workers attention.

Under the same settings category that you used to limit past posts, you can also edit how tags work. Clicking this will bring up a box that allows you to turn on Timeline Review and Tag Review, as both are off by default.

4. Disable Location Sharing

While Timeline Review enables you to approve check-in’s made on your behalf before they post to your Timeline, Facebook however uses an additional location sharing tactic at the bottom left-hand corner of your status box. This location is generated by using the GPS signal from your phone or wireless router.

Upsetting, yet easily reversible—hover over the location and click the “x” that appears next to it as you do so. If you later decide you want it back on, you can click the location marker again to manually enter your location.

5. Edit Apps

Not everyone knows that apps can be slightly invasive. Most people quickly give them approval to use personal information after the apps claim it makes the user’s experience more social.

Revert back to the “Friends” setting and edit the apps. You should first edit the apps you use because there could be some on your account you don’t want anymore. Go through the list and hover over the “x” next to apps you forgot or no longer care about.


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