5 Tips for Better Photo-Posing

I hate to admit that I was ecstatic about the advice I found for better photo-posing. Some people are very photogenic and LOVE to take photos to post all over Facebook, secretly soliciting a million “like” notifications and “you’re gorgeous, girl!” comments…*coughmysistercough* Either that, or they have extreme confidence–and you know what? I envy that.


But that doesn’t mean I’m going to stop myself from enjoying this guilty pleasure I just found. And if I can reduce the number of de-tags I make in a given month with these steps, lord knows I’m going to do it!

Alright I’ll stop talking because I know that you’re anxious to read these tips too. How do I know? You’re reading this post, aren’t you?

Sideway Stance 

Everyone has a different body type, and so different poses work for them; however people generally look thinner from the side. Turn your body as if your are up to bat, shifting most of your weight to your back leg. Bend your front knee a bit inwards to look like it’s overlapping the back leg.

Kim K always gets it right:

Relaxed Arms

Instead of doing the obvious robotic hand-on-hip move, let you hand fall a BIT lower on your hip. Now, you’ll want the heel of your hand to be more on your butt-side and lower than your fingers; your fingers will be higher up on the front side of your hip/upper thigh, spread apart and bent. Let your elbow fall lower than it normally does so that you’re not doing that usual cheer leading pose.

Your back arm could be relaxed, but slightly away from your side so that your arm doesn’t create a wider look by blending into the rest of your body.

Doesn’t sound relaxed does it? Make sure that it feels looser instead of stiff so that it at least LOOKS relaxed.

Your OWN smile

I liked this tip because after hearing about the Olsen twins whispering the word “prune” for that weird signature smile, I was bothered.

Think of something that makes you happy before the picture and smile as if you were smiling at that something with no cameras around. For me, it’s my bunny…and all cute animals. But now I’m just getting off point! In short, make it a genuine smile (but it doesn’t have to be an obnoxiously huge smile or anything…).

Also, push your tongue up against the roof of your mouth a BIT–not a lot–because it lightly tightens up your chin/neck.

Jessica Alba’s smile looks genuine:

Good Posture

This means a straight back and neck, but your neck can be out more. On top of that, push your shoulders and collar bone out more because it creates a slimming effect (since you can see bones, I guess? Just know that it works).

Show them again Kimberly:

Head Tilt

There’s contradicting information on the web about this one. I initially read that you should tilt your head down and reveal 3/4 of it to the camera, but I really don’t think that looks good on everybody–and other websites say to tilt your head up and reveal 3/4 of it to the camera. Either way, showing only 3/4 of your face is the way to go, and you can test drive the head tilt that works for you.

Here’s Sofia Vergara rocking the downward head tilt:

And here we have Leona Lewis doing the upward head move:


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