Scouring stick magic; rid your toilet of hard water stains

It used to not matter that I scrubbed my toilet until my hands cramped–I could NOT get rid of that ring! If you have hard water in your residence, you may know what I’m talking about. Surely, you didn’t think that the toilet ring came from negligence or stubborn buildup?

Wait, stop! BEFORE you call a maid or professional to clean that ridiculously heinous-looking ring and associated marks from your toilet (or bathroom, in general), read on. You have just stumbled upon your quick-fix solution. If it doesn’t work, then I question the nature of your toilet’s ring…*shudders*

Because more than 85% of American homes have hard water, it is more thank likely that your ring is from hard water. My toilet suffers from the same fate, because my household depends on well water–the water with the egg-like smell, blegh. Given the nature of my house’s water source, our toilets needed a fast solution.

So now, I give you the Scouring Stick. 

My mom found it at Walmart whilst shopping for a toilet cleaning solution. The stick is much like a pumice stone used in pedicures. This thing is not limited to toilets, however; the scouring stick also works on stains, deposits, lime scale, rust, grime, algae, unwanted paint, baked on food, grease, and carbon build up.

**You CANNOT use it on soft metal, fiberglass, unbaked enamel finishes, high-gloss surfaces, plastic or glass. Colored porcelain and decorative tiles are also iffy, so be careful before you start scrubbing**

I began with the part that I was most anxious to get rid of (the “ring”), and then moved onto the rest

As I scrubbed, I noticed that I was shaving down the scouring stick, and that it’s remains were leaving themselves around the bowl. This is supposed to happen as you scrub off the stains.

Scrub until you notice that your toilet looks just like it did the day you bought it! Just wipe down and flush the shavings when you are done.


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